Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Son Of Hibernia

A son of Hibernia i pen doggerel
I am of the tribe of the never do well
Though i have seen a little of the big World out there
My journey in life leading me to nowhere

I have made it far south of where my life's journey began
From the hills and the fields where i grew to a man
And only the memories with me now remain
Of faces and places i may not see again

I do feel at home in the land of  wallaby, koala and roo
Of emu, rosella, lory and lyrebird and cockatoo
And magpie, kookaburra and pee wee and currawong
The dark birds who are known to have rain in their song

Often in my flights of fancy i can hear the rill
Babbling to the river down the fields by the hill
But the now is all that does matter it does seem this way
And at the stroke of midnight the past will be today

My journey in life it has brought me far south
Of the home of the badger and shy river trout
A son of Hibernia the Ireland of today
Of the Boggeragh Ranges from here far away.

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