Monday, August 25, 2014

Belinda Is Sixty

Belinda is sixty her shoulder length hair is silver gray
And physically she has known a far better day
Though slender and attractive of charm and grace
And always with a smile on her beautiful face

She does not have a religion not that way inclined
But she is compassionate and caring and kind
She was never a mother or to any man a wife
One who has always been happy in her single life

A person blessed with the gift of empathy
For the homeless and poor she feels great sympathy
She is anti war and pro refugee
And she is all of the things a good person should be

Quite a humble person her type are quite rare
Last Friday she turned sixty without any fanfare
The money she saved on the birthday she did not celebrate
To the poor and the homeless she did donate

Belinda has turned sixty for her years she looks well
The passing of time on her does not seem to tell
Though her hair silver grey no age wrinkles on her hands or face
And one can say of her she is aging with grace.

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