Saturday, August 30, 2014

Do Not Judge The Man

Do not judge the man by his suit the suit never does make the man
It is the thoughts in the mind that does matter though the best of human technology thought cannot scan
What makes the man is not his money or the suit of clothes he does wear
Though the wealthy well dressed man may win for himself admirers wealthy and well dressed men with empathy are known to be rare
The wealthy and well dressed and  well groomed fellow wearing the striped suit and collar and tie
May not live up to his appearance as outer appearance it often does lie
How well dressed and wealthy you are may matter and in a material World may take you far
To many these things are important but they do not tell us of the person you are
The well dressed and wealthy man never short of female admirers he is the popular man of the town
But he is not known for compassion for those who are financially down
You may always be well dressed and quite wealthy own a big home with a swimming pool and drive an expensive new car
Though to many these things do matter they do not tell us of the person you are.

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