Thursday, August 28, 2014

Even As The Migratory Bird Does Fly

Even as the migratory bird does fly
Far south of old Duhallow i do live today
In distance many thousand of miles by sky
The Boggeragh Ranges from South West Victoria far away

I thought that i had left my past behind
When some of the bigger World out there i went to see
But like it is for every migrant of every race and kind
The past in memory it has followed me

And it will be with me till the day i die
Wherever or whenever that will be
For the fact is and fact does never lie
That one of our human gifts is the gift of memory

There are things in your past you may wish to forget
But like the good memories the bad memories too in us live on
You cannot change it all to your regret
A happening in your life in Seasons long since gone

My past it did come with me on the day
I passed for the last time through Millstreet Town
And the mental image is with me to stay
Of old Finnow bank high in flood of brown.

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