Saturday, August 23, 2014

From Mt Tarrengower

Overlooking the Town of Maldon on the high countryside
From Mt Tarrengower one can see far and wide
Across miles of countryside not lacking in bushes and trees
On a mild Winter evening in August of around twenty degrees
Stony Mt Tarrengower home to wallabies and roos
And the big dark brown parrots known as yellow tail black cockatoos
From Mt Tarrengower the beautiful countryside of Maldon on view
As a hill to view scenic beauty from it's equals are few
In Central Victoria Mt Tarrengower a good hill to view from on a clear day
For to watch Nature's scenic beauty on display
And the beauty of Nature to view it is free
A beauty you do not pay money for to see
From Mt Tarrengower on a clear August day
The incomparable beauty of Nature is on display.

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