Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Golden Whistlers

With dark head and green back and wings and breast and under of gold
And white patch on throat the males beautiful to behold
And the females much plainer mostly gray to brown
Birds more often seen in woods than in backyards of rural town

They build a flimsy cup shaped nest of grass on upright fork on tree
Where the female lays her cream spotted brown eggs of two or three
Quite beautiful birds with a charm of their own
To most rural people golden whistlers are known

The male birds have a beautiful whistle like song
You hear them once and you never again get them wrong
Non flock birds they are not common but not endangered in any way
I see their kind often though not every day

Their beautiful colors and whistling songs their claims to bird fame
Golden whistlers are birds who live up to their name
Birds of the wooded countryside amongst the songsters supreme
In a class of their own as whistlers it does seem.

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