Monday, August 11, 2014

I Do Not Talk To My Aussie Friends Of

I do not talk to my Aussie friends of  a place that means much to me
That in my flights of fancy i often do see
That beautiful part of my Homeland Ireland
Since the true depths of nostalgia they may not understand

Since their interests are mostly of Cricket and Australian Rules Football
I never do tell of my life in my first home at all
Of my joy at the lark's song above Claramore
Since they are not interested on stories of Nature from a foreign shore

Or of the silver tongue stream of the wild born trout
Such things to them i never do talk about
And since Nature to them it is not of any interest
For to fit in their company i try my best

I cannot feel comfortable for to share with them my memories of joy
Of where i grew to love Nature when i was a boy
Their favorite topic is the weekend's big game
But then how boring we would be if we all were the same

I never talk to them of where the Blackwater flow
Or of the high woods of the silver back crow
A different sort of childhood to them i have known
No two see life in exactly the same way and to each their own

Whilst old memories in private do have me close to tears
I do not talk to my Aussie friends of my younger years
Since their favorite topics are Cricket and Australian Rules Football
My sort of reminiscing would not interest them at all.

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