Friday, August 1, 2014

If There Is A Heaven

If there is a Heaven for good souls then my soul is destined for Hell
As my punishment for penning reams of doggerel
But i know that the souls of many famous people there i will meet
Who for fame as per usual with each other compete

Since many follow the leader or so it does seem
It looks like the majority are affected by low self esteem
The Judas sheep leads her kind up the factory slaughter ramp to their deaths every day
With many of us humans it too seems this way

Like many i do not have a mind of my own
For to follow the leader i too have been known
Many of those who do lead me i do not look up to as a friend
I too am a follower of this why pretend

If there is a life after death i will end up in Hell
As punishment for the sin of doggerel
That i have been penning since my life's prime
And this is going back some four decades in time.

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