Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It Is As A Rhymer

Though in sports Worldwide as games not seen as important at all
In Ireland the big games are Hurling and Gaelic Football
A Hurling or Gaelic Football team in every Irish Village and town
Where to be a great Gaelic Games player does guarantee one a place in National renown
Though in sports a name for myself i never made
As a young man Hurling and Gaelic Football were games that i played
But my dreams of fame in sports from me were quick to fade
When in Gaelic Football or Hurling i did not make the grade
I could not make it in Gaelic Games so i took to penning of rhyme
Something i have been doing for four decades of time
Though without much success or money or fame
It is something i do enjoy doing just the same
As a young man junior Hurling and Gaelic Football i did play
But it is as a rhymer i am aging and gray.

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