Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It Is Only The Winners

Their team for them have won the right for to brag
The fans of the winning team wave the club flag
The fans of the losers are looking quite sad
In life what is great to one to another can be bad

It is a fact of life that as a fact will always remain
That one person's loss becomes another person's gain
The winners do laugh and the winners do cheer
And the losers left to drown their sorrows in beer

In all facets of life success is the praise worthy thing
Of the praises of losers you will not hear many sing
In life everything like a sporting game
To the winners alone go the glory and fame

It is only the winners of we wish to know
And in the faces of the losers the sadness does show
And all aspects of life like a game of football
For the losers there is nothing as the winners take all

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