Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Green Goddess

I fear death since i am not a warrior to say different would be a lie
But i realize that we are of Nature's air breathing life forms and Nature's life forms are born for to die
As much as the insect or fish or animal as much as the wild bird of song
I am one of the family of Nature and to Nature i feel i belong

Were i a poet i would write of Nature and the beauty i see every day
The one who does have many secrets that from us she keeps hidden away
In my walks and they are many i never fail to learn something new
Of the one who fills me with wonder but whose secrets are not in the few

The cycle of Nature does go on forever but the longest lived human life in real time not a long span
By a few years on average it is said the woman does outlive the man
In life we are all on a journey a journey that does have an end
Like all other life forms we are mortals why otherwise even pretend

I fear death since i am not a brave one so i hope to live for as long as i can
And i hope to die without having to suffer, peacefully in my sleep as a very old man
My Green Goddess her name is Nature and her beauty i see every day
And i surely would write a poem for her if with words i did have a way.

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