Thursday, August 28, 2014

Of Those Into Self Promotion

Of those into self promotion i quickly seem to tire
But the one who never brags of self is one i do admire
Empty vessels make the most of noise a saying to life that is true
Leave it to others to give you the credit you are due
To narcissistic types who always dwell on self respect i cannot pay
They never seem to impress me in all honesty i can say
Yet self promotion does seem the in thing in the Human World of today
That the humble are becoming rare nowadays it does seem this way
That in the twenty first century humility does not get one anywhere is surely not a lie
We are living in the age it would  seem of me, myself and i
The humble are becoming rare though their sort a joy to meet
In a World where millions every day for success do compete
Nowadays self promotion seems to be the in thing
And it is no longer seen as boasting your own praises to sing.

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