Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On The Eighteenth Day Of August

The nest building male songbirds do whistle and sing
In less that two weeks from the southern calendar Spring
But the cool dampness of Winter is in the chilly breeze
Though new leaves are beginning to bud on some of the deciduous trees
The breeding frogs in the lake singing all night and day
When they are on song you know that Spring is not far away
The wattle trees laden in their bright yellow flowers
They do look their finest in the late Winter showers
In Nature there is so much beauty to see
Every day in my walks it is all around me
At this time of year the male magpies sing day and night
Their flute like music in the calm of the moonlight
And the song of the blackbird so pleasant to hear
On the eighteenth day of August with the calendar Spring near.

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