Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On A Phone Call From Mick Kissane

The phone did ring around 3 p m the phone call was for me
The voice was unmistakeable i recognized it immediately
It was Mick Kissane of Swansea Road he first saw light of day
In Kenmare in County Kerry from Victoria far away

One who knows of the many an up and down in life and what it's all about
Of the windswept shores of old Hibernia he did venture far south
He is aging far south of Kenmare where his life's journey began
Where he lived in his youthful years and grew into a man

But he remains a Kerry-man at heart and it is not a lie
That in the mind of every migrant old allegiances do not die
And to criticize Kerry to him i would not feel that bold
Since he remains as ever true to the famous green and gold

He is an optimistic man for to give him his due
That Kerry win the All Ireland and Hawthorn win the A F L Premiership would be his 2014 dream come true
And though such a double in itself would not cause a surprise
That every thing in  life does not go one's way he too does realize

Though he remains faithful to Kerry and their famous green and gold
For old allegiances die hard by wiser council told
He will not live in Kenmare in weather often wet and cold
In sunny northern Queensland he would like to grow old

A phone call from Mick Kissane a fellow i know well
Of life and of it's many an up and down one with stories to tell
He did have a health scare of late but cannot keep a good man down
And he is back near to his best far south of Kenmare Town.

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