Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quite Your Average Joe

That he is Australia's Federal Treasurer everyone knows to be so
And his recently launched biography is titled 'Not Your Average Joe'
But going by some of his comments he seems quite ordinary
A below average Federal Treasurer is how he seems to be

Going by some of the comments he has made of late
Joe Hockey he is not the poor person's mate
One of those who puts his foot in his mouth every day
He does not know of the financial struggles of the poor going by what of them he does say

He reckons his Government's proposed increase on fuel tax will not affect poor people since they do not drive a car
Beyond the wealthy suburb he lives in Joe Hockey does not look far
Poor working people in rural Australia who work for bare award wages pay
To get to their place of work drives a car every day

The title of his recently published biography 'Not Your Average Joe' does not ring at all true
A nice compliment like this is surely not due
To one who by his policies believe that only to the wealthy there should be a fair go
He does seem indeed quite 'Your Average Joe'

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