Thursday, August 7, 2014

Since He Left The Far Town

Since he left the far town for the big World out there
His journey thus far in life has not led to anywhere
Near to he wants to reach in his quest for success
In his music and singing talent scouts he fails to impress
To earn his survival existence he busks on the street
Where with other buskers for his living coins he does compete
His dream of becoming a famous rock star he does pursue
But such a dream for very few ever does come true
In his mid twenties and in his life's prime
But of becoming a rock star his foe now is time
Since rock stars in their late teens and early twenties for themselves make a name
And many of them only know of a brief spell of fame
He busks on the street for a few hours every day
The one who daydreams of becoming a rock star from the town far away.

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