Sunday, August 10, 2014

That The Majority Of The Wealth

That the majority of the wealth is owned by the minority does seem sad to say
It is not a very fair World for many to live in the Human World of today
That for a few for to grow wealthy many in poverty
How very sad indeed this does seem to be
That many are born to live homeless and hungry is so sad indeed
In a fair Human World people would not go in need
Of life's necessities but this is not the case
A future of poverty due to circumstance of birth many children must face
Millions of people tonight homeless and sleeping rough
For the twenty first century this is not good enough
And the rich getting richer this is not a good thing
And the praises of billionaires the masses do sing
In a Human World where inequality is rife
Millions of people only know of a miserable life.

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