Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Boston Terror

One never found to be wanting when he was put to the test
From lightweight up to heavyweight he fought some of the World's best
Boxers but due mostly to the color of his skin
He never fought for a World title though against great fighters great fights he did win

Though never a World Champion the Canadian born Sam Langford was perhaps the greatest pound for pound fighter of all time
He was back then the one with his boxing skills  who inspired the makers of song, story and rhyme
He fought the great heavyweight champion Jack Johnson in what was one of the greatest fights ever fought
Yet his boxing skills to Sam Langford no great riches ever brought

He did not lack in courage what he lacked in weight and height
Nicknamed The Boston Terror some of the World's best big men he did fight
In close to two hundred ring battles he seldom knew of defeat
He fought the best in many weight divisions and the best he often beat

The World's greatest pound for pound fighter in decades long gone
Of the mighty Sam Langford the legend lives on
A great person and a great boxer his type a rare kind
And though he fought many ring battles he died poor and blind.

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