Friday, August 22, 2014

They Abuse Our Earth Mother

They abuse our Earth Mother for their own financial gain every day
And admiration and respect for their accumulation of wealth many people to them does pay
But by their abuse of our Earth Mother it does seem sad to say
That they are not helping future generations of people in any sort of a way
From Nature we take and we take and in return to her little give
What we do to her to our own selves we do since humanity's existence Nature will outlive
An environmental vandal is not one who lives in poverty
Or a homeless or Stateless person or a refugee
But the one who is quite famous the known billionaire
Amongst the super wealthy environmental vandals are not in any way rare
Why we should affect the lives of future generations for our own financial gain
Is beyond me or anyone else to explain
The damage done to our Earth Mother due to human greed for money seems beyond repair
And the greatest environmental vandal is the billionaire.

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