Friday, August 15, 2014

Those Who Give To Receive

The people who give to receive and plant Karma's good seed
Of more of their kind the the Human World is in need
Such as the people who travel to third World Countries from their home-place far away
And work for poverty stricken people without the reward of financial pay
That they are a credit to humanity of them seems fair to say
And the World is in need of many more like them today
And the people who go to the poor streets of the town
To help the homeless and mentally and financially down
And supply them with blankets and clothing and a little money to get by
For the betterment of humanity their best they do try
To their higher principles they remain ever true
And for their great humanitarian works far greater credit they are due
There should be a day set aside once a year to honor those who give to receive
That they deserve no less than this i for one does believe.

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