Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Though The More Judgmental

Though the more judgmental may dismiss you as a never do well
Of life you do have your own stories to tell
And though your journey it will not lead you to renown
You are one who knows how it feels to feel down

It can indeed be a tough World to live in
Where many must lose for a few for to win
Most wealthy people are not known for their compassion and empathy
For the poor of the World most of them do not feel any sympathy

The poor of the World  have never been rare
Hundreds in poverty for every millionaire
And compared to millionaires in the World billionaires are few
On saying this i am not saying anything that is new

Though the more judgmental of you do not have kind things to say
Financially they do not help you in any sort of a way
And though your lack of money may cause you inner strife
You too do have stories to tell of your life.

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