Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tim's Maudlin Moods

At times he is one who feels quite close to tears
The maudlin moods they have been with him for years
But with him they never have a long stay
They live in him for a shore time and then from him go away

The great love of his life his beloved and beautiful Ann
Her death in a car crash left him a broken man
Since death dealt him a cruel blow some five years ago
In maudlin moods he has known his spells of woe

Some students of the human mind have formed the belief
That the source of maudlin moods can be in unhealed grief
That the ache of lost love never fully goes away
I only quote here what psychologists say

Tim's beautiful Ann the great love of his life
Sadly for him was not to be his wife
In life there is always some cross for to bear
Of anyone Life's Reaper grief does not spare

With his mates at the pub on Saturday night
He is happy and smiling of life's cares making light
But when maudlin he is not much fun as he does realize
And he does not feel in the mood to socialize

Tim at thirty five at the half way stage of the average human life span
Perhaps as a bachelor he will grow into an old man
The Reaper of Lives by taking Ann from him dealt him a cruel blow
The reason the mood known as maudlin he has come to know.

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