Thursday, August 7, 2014

To Many

To many i am a frivolous person with the arrogance to laugh at life
But i have found laughter for to be an antidote for inner strife
Laugh and the World laughs with you an old saying with that i do agree
Life is very short and unpredictable for to be taken seriously

I am not one who has heaps of money so money to me is not everything
But suppose if i had heaps of money the praises of it i surely would sing
For money does speak every language as the wise one has been known for to say
But life it does go on as usual and tomorrow will dawn like today.

I used to have life aspirations but that was a long time ago
But now i realize it does not matter since time it has become my foe
I no longer take myself seriously just take it one day at a time
To many i may be a  poetaster  but i am happy when i am penning rhyme

Do not lose any sleep to worry of what others of you do say
And why look far into the future when you can only live in the day
Nowadays i never does take myself seriously try to laugh my way to happiness
It is all too late now for regretting a life that does lack in success.

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