Thursday, October 23, 2014

As I Was Walking This Morning

As i was walking this morning to the grocery store on the main street
A beautiful cheerful young stranger by chance i happened for to meet
With blond wavy hair to her shoulders and eyes of a light chestnut brown
In the neighborhood she was not a local perhaps one from another town

To me a stranger to her she was friendly she greeted me with a big smile
She seemed quite a charming young person though perhaps not quite free of guile
Young women friendly to ageing male strangers the wrong impression sometimes give
Though i will not be thinking about her for as long as i happen to live

But better for one to be this way than distant and full of conceit
At least she did not choose to ignore me with white sandals on her small feet
And blue slacks and a bright pink cardigan in her nothing gloomy or gray
I have always liked friendly people they help to bring joy to my day

On this sunny day in October of only a very slight breeze
The golden billed blackbirds were singing and magpies warbled on the trees
I met with a pretty young stranger she had such a beautiful smile
She was one who was not conceited though perhaps not quite free of guile.

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