Monday, October 6, 2014

Compassion Is A Stranger To Them

Since this is their business and their business is not mine
What others do think of me does suit me fine
They do not help to pay my bills for me or help me in any way
So why should i lose any sleep to worrying of what others think of me or say
We are judged by our peers amongst others some in their words unkind
The unpaid judges of the World are not that hard to find
The praises of others too hard for them to sing
To be kind in their words it is just not their thing
The people who find pleasure in verbally putting others down
Do never become the best loved in the town
Some professional critics are paid big money for to criticize
But for the amateur critic there is no such a prize
In their words they never boost the fragile egos of those of low self esteem
Compassion is a stranger to them it does seem.

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