Saturday, October 4, 2014

Eventually Time

Eventually time becomes everyone's foe
The fairest one in the town a decade ago
Now a divorcee and the mother of three young children some weight she did gain
As the fairest of the fair for long she did not remain

Just only a decade beyond her life's prime
One more to have become a victim of time
And the biological clocks ever ticking away
The youngest become victims of time one day

At twenty seven in the town the fairest of all
Unmarried and beautiful and the belle of many a ball
But the man she loved and married and the father of her children of her quickly did tire
He now has a younger beauty to make love to and admire

It is true about time it does not remain as your friend
It leaves us looking old why otherwise pretend
Ten years ago quite a beauty to behold
But in her late thirties she is overweight and looking old.

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