Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gabi Grecko

She is one the conservative Aussies will never claim for their own
Gabi Grecko the young American beauty in Australia famed and known
Since she displays a lot of cleavage little from view hidden away
People in their ways quite prudish kind things of her does not say

With young Aussies males she is not popular though physically beautiful to behold
The reason for this is that Gabi seems to like her lovers old
Some egotistical young males can be jealous and quite ageist in their way
And they do not like it when a pretty young female amorous attention to an old bloke pay

Her lover is Geoffrey Edelsten the ageing bankrupt Aussie Billionaire
But Gabi does not worry that he has grown poorer for him she seems to genuinely care
Than her he is close to fifty years older old enough to be her grand-dad
With hair dyed brown it has been awhile since Geoffrey was a young and sprightly lad

Always hand in hand when seen in public love not ageist it does seem
To have the beautiful young blond as his lover must be good for Geoffrey's self esteem
Geoffrey is one though getting older his charm and appeal does not lose
Gabi for her lover could have had a wealthy young male but the Ageing Geoffrey she did choose

The beautiful young Gabi Grecko one who is in her life's prime
Photographs of her in every glossy magazine she is a woman of out time
She is the lover of Geoffrey Edelsten the declared Bankrupt billionaire
But he is loved by a young beauty and men like him are surely rare.

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