Friday, October 31, 2014

Good Health

It always does come ahead of fame and wealth
The most important thing you have in your life is good health
The town's wealthiest person at forty nine last month died of a heart attack
All of the money in the World to life could not bring him back
The town's poorest person is living today
Whilst the rich one is covered deep in earth and clay
His wife had rung for an ambulance but when the paramedics arrived the life from him had gone
But today life without him in the town does go on
The one in bad health though financially well off is a poor person indeed
For of good health of mind and body everyone is in need
Money can buy you a new house, a new boat and a new motor car
And with money you can buy drinks for everyone at the local bar
But money did not save from the Reaper of Lives the town's wealthiest man
He died at forty nine as human life go not a very long span.

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