Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gough Whitlam

For many Australians today a sad day
Gough Whitlam Australia's twenty first Prime Minister has passed away
Two years short of a century his was a long life span
He surely did live to be quite an old man

Australia's most controversial Prime Minister if not the best
The reforms his Government implemented have stood the time test
Though Prime Minister for only three years to Australia change for the better he did bring
One not short of critics though millions his praises do sing

His dismissal on the orders of the then Governor General John Kerr perhaps the most memorable day in Australia's political history
As his political life it did end in great controversy
But long after those who opposed him are amongst the long forgotten gone
The legend of Gough Whitlam in Australia will live on

Australia's greatest reforming Prime Minister Gough Whitlam has lived his last night and day
On his ninety eight year from life he has passed away
Pre deceased a few years by the great love of his life Margaret she like him famed and known
He was a tall handsome man of a commanding presence in a class of his own.

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