Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Am One Who Does Know

I am one who does know of the rough side of life
And i have had my moments of inner strife
And my worth as a person i often do doubt
Suppose this is what living life is about

For years i have been battling my dark moods of despair
But no point in saying that life is unfair
When others are doing it far tougher than me
Since hardship is relative would you not agree?

Of the ups and downs of life so many do know
And so very few blessed of the inner glow
So lucky are those who on their worst day
Do have the gift of laughing their cares away

I know that my biggest worries compared to the worries of some do seem small
Though i too have have been close to the mental wall
Like the baby to walk must first learn how to crawl
We learn to rise again after a fall

Like many i have my moments of self doubt
But then this is life and what life is about
I too do know of the dark moods of despair
But there is no point in saying that life is unfair.

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