Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Can Understand

I can understand asylum seekers wanting to live in Australia as Australia it is an amazing Land
But the way the Australian Government treat refugees is something that i cannot understand
They treat poor Stateless people as if they are criminals which is quite wrong as many would agree
You are sent to a foreign detention center if you come to Australia as a boat refugee
There are Australian boat refugees in Nauru and Manus Island and the Australian Government will have a detention center in Cambodia in a few months from now
There are votes in being cruel to Stateless people to pressure from rights for refugee groups they refuse to bow
The redneck voters sad to say are many and they never vote for compassionate politicians on election day
The people they vote into power for the Poor and Stateless unsymapathetic to be callous for them always seems to pay
It is a sad old Human World we live in when people of power treat poor people in such a way
Stateless people in search of a better life treated like criminals of humanity what does this to us say
That in the World there are a lot of people who to say the least seem bereft of empathy
For the poor and Stateless and the homeless people they never ever feel any sympathy
Of the people blessed of kindness and compassion the praises i feel happy for to sing
To me they are the people well worth knowing since hope to all humanity they bring.

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