Saturday, October 4, 2014

I Have Written Of

I have written of Claraghatlea, Annagloor and Dooneen
And the mental pictures i retain of the beauty i have seen
In the countryside by Clara near old Millstreet Town
Where i was known to many when my hair was dark brown
Of people i met in my journeys in life i have written many a rhyme
Since i commenced rhyming four decades ago this is going back in time
I have written rhymes of Australia's people and it's wildlife a Land that is very old
The story of it's first people in written history will never be told
So much natural beauty to write rhymes on in this great southern Land
Why it is so amazing to many one can well understand
I have been a rhymer for years of two score
And i write rhymes for enjoyment and little else more
I add to my numbers of rhymes every day
With rhyming words i am one who likes to play.

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