Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Koroit an old Town in South Western Victoria's countryside
For it's links to old cultures is known far and wide
And the friendliness of it's people make it a welcoming place
On the streets of Koroit many a smiling face
A couple of kilometers from Tower Hill the spiritual home of the Budj Bim of the Dreamtime
A place that has inspired song, Story and rhyme
On warm Summer evenings in long gone centuries
By Tower Hill Lake they danced their corroborees
Koroit is indeed a historic old Town
It's strong links to Ireland one of it's claims to renown
The Lake School and the Irish Festival are held there once a year
That atracts large numbers of music lovers from places far and near
For the warmth of it's people it is widely known
Koroit in South West Victoria has a charm of it's own.

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