Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Money Is Quite Important

You do not need a diploma or uni a degree
To know that money does not grow on a bush or a tree
And the most of the money in the World is owned by the few
Though you may say to this do tell us what is new
Money speaks every language as the wise one does say
Something that has never been more relevant than in the World of today
In the twenty first century how kind and compassionate you are to little seems to amount
The majority do judge you far better by your bank account
Because of money people commit murder and every sort of crime
And many in jail because of money serving long prison time
That money is quite important why even pretend
The one who has plenty of it is never short of a friend
Of the praises of a pauper you never hear anyone sing
For anyone to be short of money it is such a sad thing.

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