Sunday, October 5, 2014

Most Of Us Can Become Addictive

Most of us can become addictive or so it does seem
In our search for happiness or as an antidote to low self esteem
But there is nothing to envy in the addictive kind
As an addiction is never a gift to the mind
One can be addicted to gambling or addicted to sport
Or to alcohol or narcotics or some other hobby of sort
So many forms of addictions far too many to name
And no two addictions do seem quite the same
And since any form of addiction is not a good thing
Of the praises of such you may not hear many sing
I too am addictive since i feel compelled to pen rhymes every day
Even if i tried it is something i could not give away
I have an addiction but in that i am not alone
And leave it to the one who is perfect for to cast the stone.

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