Friday, October 24, 2014

No Need For To Tell Me

No need for to tell me i know my rhymes are rough
And i know that to be called a poet i am not good enough
And i know that mine will never be a celebrated name
But i am not one who pens rhymes for money or for fame
I have had this rhyming addiction since nineteen seventy three
It was my lack of Worldly ambition made a rhymer out of me
But if i did not enjoy rhyming i would give it away
And i hope i will be doing it till my last night and day
A simple minor rhymer unworthy to be called a poet
In a World of many writers so few worthy of note
And there is some truth in the saying that poets are born and not made
Though every writer needed in the literary wordsmith trade
Just one of millions of ordinary rhymers who do not rhyme for pay
But i hope to be doing it till my last night and day.

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