Sunday, October 5, 2014

Old John Pete

Old John Pete is always happy though he has lived through the tough years
Lost his wife Jo and their ten year old daughter Kate in a motoring accident he knows of heartbreak and of tears
A lesser man would surely crumble at the loss of his child and wife
But John Pete is not a quitter he carried on with living life

Since he lost his wife and daughter forty Summers have gone by
That time does not heal the greatest sorrow is something one cannot deny
John Pete now in his mid seventies physically has known a better day
Yet he always seems so happy one who laughs his cares away

John Pete he never remarried he feels happy on his own
One who never dwells on what was and the sorrows he has known
For his years tall, fit and handsome though his hair is silver gray
He has a happy disposition young in his mind he does stay

John Pete is a happy person greets everyone with a smile
Quite a likeable old fellow down to earth and free of guile
People like him are worth knowing the town for them living in it a happier place
I have yet to meet old John Pete without a smile on his face.

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