Thursday, October 2, 2014

Old Yarra

Old Yarra the brown ageless river through Melbourne City does flow
On it's way to the Pacific Ocean by Southbank it crawls deep and slow
It's waters are not safe for drinking it looks rather muddy and brown
Some people like to refer to it as the river that flows upside down
Yarra was very old in the dinosaur age and very old in the Dreamtime
The river that winds it's way through Melbourne has inspired song, story and rhyme
Long before the birth of Melbourne in Summer in the shade of the trees
The local tribes of first Australians by the river had their corroborees
The rivers are as old as the mountains and of how old they are none will ever know
And old Yarra from the foot of Mt Baw Baw to the Pacific has and forever will flow
To be known as a World known river is one of it's great claims to fame
Long before the birth of the first human the rivers flowed without a name
And the river now known as the Yarra crawls onwards to the ocean shore
From it's birthplace at the foot of Mt Baw Baw it has and will flow forever more.

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