Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sean Moylan

Sean Moylan in his young years was a man amongst men
He led the brave young men of Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra at Tureengarriffe Glen
In a famous and historical victory over the forces of the British Crown
From the cliffs above the narrow roadway rebel gunfire on the Brits rained down

Years later as a politician and a Government Minister in Dublin in the Dail
He was in many a verbal battle for his party Fianna Fail
For his sharp wit and his humor Moylan became famed and known
But he remained true to his roots he was always Kiskeam's own

The past has memories of sadness and has memories of joy
I remember Sean Moylan at a pre election rally when i was a school going boy
He lauded his own party and ran his opponents down
As he stood on board a lorry at the Square in Millstreet Town

In his famous dark rimmed glasses and short clipped hair of silver gray
Then an aging politician who had known a better day
From any verbal battle never one to back away
He was really a great character in truth of him one can say

He survived Ireland's war of independence and the civil war to know of a greater fame
In my boyhood years in Duhallow Sean Moylan's was a great name
Since he drew his last breath of life many years to time have gone
But the legend of Sean Moylan in Ireland does live on.

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