Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The One Who Is Cruel To Animals

The one who is cruel to animals can be cruel to humans as well
Of examples of this there are many and so many stories to tell
For cruelty does not have borders it is a power sort of a thing
But of the praises of anyone who beats their dogs you never hear anyone sing
Good leaders lead by good example and others they always inspire
It is not in their Nature to be cruel in them there is much to admire
But those who like to have power over others are those who believe they are born to rule
They do have in them the potential for to animals and humans to be cruel
I do know of a few cruel people who suffer of darkness of the mind
About them they do have a cruel way it is too hard for them to be kind
They beat their dogs their partners and their children they rule through the medium of fear
It is not of any good stories of them one does read of or hear
The one who is cruel to animals to humans too cannot be kind
Those who like to have power over others to cruelty seem all too inclined.

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