Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Though Stories Of Brave Men

Though stories of brave men we read of and hear
At the thought of death most of them would have felt fear
With people dying around them only the bravest are brave
Little joy in the thought of the darkness of the grave
Though of their bravery in death of brave soldiers the patriots may sing
To feel fear at the thought of death is a natural thing
Since of a life after death anyone has not come back to tell
Those who have survived into their eighties in life have done well
Millions of people on war memorial day remember the war dead
Those who died young who had years of life of them ahead
Though on war memorial day at their monument the last post is played
For their status as heroes with their lived they have paid
And though stories of their bravery we read of and hear
Few of them would have gone to their death without fear.

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