Friday, October 3, 2014

Thurles Joe

A fellow from Ireland from here far away
The passing of time has left him looking gray
From Thurles a famous old Tipperary Town
Where he used to live when his hair was light brown

He played under age hurling when he was a boy
A game many people in Tipperary enjoy
But he left the old Hometown when he was eighteen
The bigger World out there it was to be seen

One can say he has known a far better day
It has been sixty years since his last hurling game he did play
Quite fleeting indeed is the human life prime
In memory we only can go back in time

Last year Thurles Joe to cancer lost Ann his beloved wife
The mother of his children and for fifty years the love of his life
A kinder and more loyal and more loving person than her anyone could not have wished to have known
Ten time a grandfather he now lives on his own

At the local pub on a Saturday night
Seventy eight years old Joe of his worries makes light
One who is quite partial to his liter of stout
A sociable fellow he enjoys his night out

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