Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Till My Last Night And Day

Wherever i go to the past goes with me
In memory the old fields as they were i do see
And the friends of my past are in my thoughts today
In my mind as i knew them as ytoung they do stay

In Claraghatlea just west of old Millstreet Town
Where i used to live when my hair was dark brown
The changes are happening there i have been told
And the young of my younger years like me getting old

Time for anyone does not wait like it did not wait for me
Still in my many flights of fancy i often do see
The old fields resplendent in their Nature's flowers
Looking lush and green after soft April showers

I remember the Boggeraghs covered in snow
When the cold winds of January in Duhallow blow
And the Blackwater River bank high in flood waters of brown
Roars on through the flat rush fields towards Mallow Town

And of the warmer days of Summer in July
With the sun shining bright in the mostly blue sky
That has only a few scatterd cloudlets of gray
In the freshening breeze wafts the sweet scent of hay

But i only have memories of Seasons long gone
And the clock on my life ever keeps ticking on
Though the memories that followed me from far away
Will live on in me till my last night and day.

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