Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Warm Day In January

The weather temperatures feel quite oppressive a high of thirty five degrees
And it even feels warm out of the sunshine in the shade of the tall trees
The dry humid air is far from pleasant in the stillness of the afternoon
And many do hope for a cool change for them it cannot come too soon
With January blowing out it's warmest on what is a warm time of year
And we well may be in for a heat wave since the warmest of Summer is near
In the Adelaide Hills of South Australia the bush fires are burning where many homes have been burnt to the ground
In places where the bush fires have been through the grief of financial loss does abound
The warm air is full of the buzzing of millions of bees and bush flies
And the temperatures have been steadily rising since a half an hour after sunrise
It is not good weather for birdsong though i hear the call of the pee wee
And the long billed corellas are calling on the tall trees quite close to me
The humidity is quite oppressive it is even warm in the shade of the trees
It is not a nice day to be outdoors on a temperature high of thirty five degrees.

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