Thursday, January 29, 2015

Billy The Self Professed Local Hero

Billy the self professed local hero his tongue tends to wag
Of how great a man he is in the pub he does brag
In his mid twenties in the physical prime of life
He says he is too busy sexuallly satisfying beautiful young women for to take a wife
Though it is said he has never had a girlfriend or made love to anyone
His braggart dad Billy senior in him has a like minded son
Those who know him never believe anything he does say
Since it is known that by his false sense of greatness he gets carried away
He is not handsome looking or intelligent and wise
And sadly for him he believes his own lies
Though nowadays it is not an uncommon thing
His own praises he only does like to sing
He has convinced himself he is the casanova of town
But when it comes to action he always lets himself down.

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