Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Connie Kelleher

Connie Kelleher for Millstreet Played Gaelic Football
And of his great games in the green and gold jersey many to recall
Loved by the Millstreet fans and a true gentleman
Though sadly of years of life he did not have a long span

It was with great pride he wore the green and gold
Today were he living he would be growing old
The Reaper of Lives did claim his life when young
But surely his praises deserve to be sung

In Millstreet Town his does live on as a great name
And The Connie Kelleher Cup is to honour his fame
He breathed his last many Seasons ago
And in life he was one who did not make a foe

Playing Gaelic Football was something that he did enjoy
He was in his prime when i was a schoolboy
A sporting hero then in old Millstreet Town
He was one who never did leave his side down

Connie Kelleher one long with the forever gone
But in the minds of those who knew him good memories of him live on
He was a good person in every way
And for Millstreet so many great games he did play.

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