Monday, January 26, 2015

Far North In Duhallow

Far north in Duhallow it is cold enough for to snow
Where the swollen streams and rivers bank high do flow
In wet fields quite soggy after recent heavy rainfall
And the long range weather forecast cold, wet and windy overall

In January in Duhallow it is zero degrees
And migratory redwings thrushes are chirping on bare deciduous trees
In six weeks from now they will be flying north with speed
When the urge it is in them in their home woods to breed

The high fields by the mountain from overnight frost looking gray
In wintery old Duhallow not much sunshine today
The cattle in the farm yard sheds eating silage or hay
Some thirteen weeks of days and nights before the birth of May

Far north in Duhallow it is a cold and wet time of year
When the song of a songbird one never does hear
Though the weather often wet and cold and the sky of rain clouds seldom clear
Each passing day to Spring brings us one more day near.

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