Friday, January 2, 2015

G And G

G and G are a couple i know a few years past their physical prime
Yet a long way from their lives Autumn though they too will get to there in time
Though they are far more than platonic they are legally not man and wife
One can say of them they are partners that they have come together in life

The male G he is rather clever though quite an opinionated chap
If you tell him human life is based on destiny he will dismiss your opinion as crap
His ideas on life to mine different but like is said to each their own
When i say on life we all have our opinions i am saying to all what is well known

The female G she can be rather bossy but in other ways she is quite kind
A person quite true to her feelings and when needs be she does speak her mind
Sometimes herself and the male G do kiss and cuddle and together walk hand in hand
But they too have been known to argue love's ways can be hard to understand

With two dogs and three cats living with them many similar interests they do share
And though they do have their good and bad times in love relationships this is not rare
True love does have it's up and down times with G and G it is this way
They may even grow old together and as lovers in their old age stay

They are two i do not see often a few times a year them i do meet
They are quite in love at the present and all between does seem sweet
And the present is all that does matter and who knows for us what lay ahead
For in life there is only one certainty and that is eventually we all end up dead.

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