Monday, January 12, 2015

Humphrey Kelleher

In Gaelic Football for Millstreet, Ballyclough, Cork and Munster he never left the side down
There will never again be one like Humphrey Kelleher at least not in Millstreet Town
As a teenage boy he was as big and strong as a strong adult man
Yet sadly his life in time did not seem a long span

On his fifty ninth year of life Humphrey passed away
The Iron man from Millstreet of him the late Michael O Hehir used to say
One of the great fullbacks of Gaelic Football in his life's prime
But sadly the best of them eventually become victims of time

A powerhouse who was feared by opposition forwards on the field of play
But in life one who did make new friends every day
For about him he did have quite a likeable way
And he lived as an honourable fellow of him one can say

Far beyond the borders of Millstreet and Duhallow's green countryside
Humphrey Kelleher became famous and was known far and wide
One of the great characters in Ireland of the Gaelic Football game
Where as a sterling fullback he made for himself a name

A great Gaelic Footballer admired and well liked and widely known
A hero of Cork and one of Millstreet's own
Where peace reign supreme his last remains do lay
So many great games at fullback he did play.

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