Monday, January 19, 2015

If I Had The Power

Since i am not as fragile as a petal of a flower
I too might be dangerous if i had power
For power does corrupt as the wise one does say
And corruption amongst power brokers is rife in the Human World of today
It is true it is paved with good intentions the roadway to hell
And some people for power their honor does sell
Were i in their position would i be any different perhaps i may well not be
Since power does swell the ego as most would agree
Were i in a position of power over others i might use it in a negative way
As so many do in the Human World of today
Of more of the sort who use power in a constructive way the Human World is in need
For such people are an asset to humanity indeed
That i do not have power over others i do not feel one bit sorry at all
Since many such people sad to say in their ways are very small.

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